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Our mobile auto detailing technicians bring professional-grade car detailing services right to your home or office in the Chilliwack/Fraser Valley area. We are a fully mobile car wash and detailing company, equipped to handle interior and exterior detailing, polishing, and rejuvenation.

Professional Automotive Detailing Service's

Selecting the appropriate detailing package requires assessing your vehicle’s size, level of dirtiness, and desired end result to determine the right service for your car wash needs.

Auto Detailing Service

Our express mobile detailing package provides a quick yet thorough clean to keep your vehicle looking its best. This mobile car wash service includes our signature inside-and-outside car wash and vacuum for fast, convenient cleaning on-location. 

This Option is Best for semi clean vehicles and maintenance.

Interior / Exterior

Auto Detailing Service

Our most popular Mobile Detailing package is perfect for vehicles that require more than a quick maintenance wash but are not terribly messy inside. It’s ideal for cars, trucks and SUVs that have normal wear and tear dirt and need a thorough cleaning. The exterior gets a comprehensive high pressure rinse, wheel treatment, hand wash, detailed, deep rinse, hand dried, tire dressing and a final inspection.  The interior recieves equal treatment with our full interior detail, spot treatment, choice of scent and a final inspection. This service satisfies customers who expect a fully detailed vehicle. Schedule our Standard package if your vehicle needs an all-around clean but doesn’t have major messes requiring heavy-duty remediation.

Interior / Exterior

Auto Detailing Service

Our ultimate Full-Service Detailing package provides bumper-to-bumper rejuvenation for your entire vehicle. Your carpets and upholstery will experience a full ultra sonic and air agitation process finished off with a full extraction. Your surfaces will be deeply detailed with the addition of a steam cleaning. This is our only Package which contains our full headliner Service and the complete interior conditioning.  Targeting all areas of  contamination, weather its Spilt Food,  bodily  fluids, Dog Hair or anything in between this package has it covered. Our Deep  Exterior Detailing Showcases Extreme Attention to all needed aspects leading to the best possible outcome. This Includes Full Degreasing, engine bay, iron removal and clay bar services. For those seeking a 360-degree vehicle restoration, our Deep package offers the pinnacle of professional detailing. Ask about adding a paint correction polishing or Ceramic Coating. having a deep exterior detail leaves your vehicle prepared for further applications. 

Interior / Exterior

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Service 's

Selecting the appropriate detailing package requires assessing your vehicle’s size, level of dirtiness, and desired end result to determine the right service for your car wash needs.

Boats & Marine Craft Detailing

Restore the pristine shine to your boat with our professional quality polishing and waxing services. Over time, your boat’s gelcoat and painted surfaces can become dull, chalky and oxidized from exposure to sun, water and elements. We use high-end buffers and polishers with boat-specific compounds to gently remove oxidation, revealing the glossy, vibrant finish beneath. A multi-step process ensures a flawless, mirror-like shine.

Motorcycle Detailing

We use only the highest quality detailing products to care for your bike. Our motorcycle-specific soaps gently lift dirt while protecting finishes. Protective waxes and polishes maintain surface shine and repel contaminants. Tire and wheel cleaners quickly dissolve baked-on brake dust without damage. Powerful degreasers cut through caked-on grime in engines and on frames. Leather conditioners prevent cracking while keeping seats supple. Specialized brushes scrub away dirt in tight spots like spokes, while microfiber towels safely dry surfaces and finishes

Rv & Camper Detailing

Let us revive your home on wheels with comprehensive RV detailing. Our technicians will wash, polish, protect and seal the exterior from UV damage. To refresh the interior living space, we’ll shampoo upholstery, sanitize surfaces, deep clean floors and eliminate odors for a spotless feel. The cab area gets wiped down, vacuumed and window cleaned so it looks showroom new. Trust our RV cleaning professionals to thoroughly clean and restore your recreational vehicle inside and out. Our mobile service makes renewal convenient at your location.

Fleet Work Truck & Transport Detailing

We offer exclusive fleet detailing packages and special discounts for companies with multiple vehicles that need regular cleaning and maintenance. Our fleet detailing services include thorough interior and exterior cleaning, polishing, waxing, engine degreasing, headlight restoration, and scratch repair to keep your vehicles looking pristine. With monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual detailing package options, we provide customizable and affordable solutions for maintaining clean company car, truck, and van fleets. Contact us today to receive a free estimate and learn more about our special fleet account pricing and bulk discounts for 10+ vehicles. Keeping your fleet clean improves branding, safety, and resale value – inquire now about our detail packages catered specifically for fleet vehicles.

Paint correction & Ceramic protection

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